A model of a fictional preserved railway


Having returned to railway modelling in middle age I am working on a layout of a fictional preserved railway set somewhere in or around the Forest of Dean. This website gives some of the story behind the railway and the reasons for various decisions. It also will give some technical information which may help others.

The railway is intended to be computer controlled using custom written software (I've been an IT professional for over 25 years), and some program examples are provided.

When reading the site you may well find I switch between metric and imperial measures - I grew up during the changeover period and think in terms of both!

Part way through building Bishopwood I managed to distract myself and started building a second layout, Bodgersdown Halt (that's not a misspelling by the way). Bishopwood will remain the main model, Bodgersdown is partly a test bed, partly a running-in track and primarily a bit of fun!

The second layout didn't really work out, although it was useful for some testing. A further layout is now underway and will be detailed elsewhere. In the mean time Bishopwood is on hold but I'm leaving these pages here for reference.

The Layout

  • How it Happened
  • Layout Design
  • Technical Details
  • History
  • Building the Layout
  • Other Pages

    Below are some other pages and links related to model railways in general.

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