Layout Design


At the time of writing the latest layout design is...

Basically at the bottom, as drawn, is the terminus at Gale End. This was the end of the original GWR line. The line then curves round the end of the hill to Norwood Halt. At the moment that's as far as it goes, however it may then extend further in the future if space permits.

Gale End has a fairly standard station with a goods shed opposite platform 3. There's an open engine shed over the end of the sidings and an adjacent signal box. To the left of these are the ruins of a manor house.

To the right of Norwood Halt is a stretch of derelict canal which is itself being restored.

I've drawn in the contours for a hill to provide the visual separation between the two stations. This won't be very high, and has a retaining wall adjacent to the halt.

The Names

As the original design idea was based on the Forest of Dean this sort of prompted the names. Bishopwood was the nearest equivalent to Dean Forest that sounded right. A Gale in the FoD is a drift mine, naturally coal would have been carried out on the railway. The only Dean I know is the Revd. Norwood - hence the name for the halt.

The Canal

I've been involved with canals and waterways for over 20 years now, and I'm a semi-active member of the waterway recovery group. Once I'd settled on a preserved railway I decided some canal restoration was also in order! Because of the hill though I've been limited for space but there will be a red transit van in evidence - they'll probably have the bonfire going and be having a mug or two of tea.


If circumstances ever permit I may extend the line onwards from Norwood Halt, probably on a shelf-layout. This will then incorporate a few more small stations and halts until it meets the extant BR main lines. In modelling terms this could make a large layout but all done in manageable chunks.


Although not really obvious on the drawing there are transitions into the main curve at each end. The details of how these were developed are here.


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