Scotland 2014

This was a departure from my normal caravan site holidays, a 7 day coach and rail tour around Scotland. It was partly a present to myself for my 50th birthday and I didn't fancy driving that far. I wouldn't do a similar tour every year but I won't rule it out in the future. There are advantages to this sort of organised tour, everything is sorted for you, there's no driving and minimal hassle. On the other hand there is a lack of freedom and it was quite intensive - we all felt we could have done with at least a half day off (a couple of the party skipped one day to do other things). A few times I was wishing I could stop the bus to get a photo I wanted, and it would have been great to return to Glenfinnan for pictures of the train crossing.

I can recommend the tour company, Brightwater, several of the people on the tour were repeat customers. It was quite a small party (which suited me), I was the youngest there by a few years. The only slight issue was some friction between the tour guide and the coach driver, and I felt that a specialist transport tour should really have had an expert guide.

In organising my train travel to Glasgow I did a really good deal travelling on the Sunday so I had a whole day in Glasgow before joining the tour on the Tuesday, so the pictures include that and the travel days either side. The tour was quite intensive, the difficulty from  photography point of view is that we were either sat in a coach or on a train for a lot of the time. Pictures taken through windows rarely work very well but I've left some in anyway.


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